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Spotlight: Legal and Compliance

In today’s marketplace, it is critical to work with organizations that possess essential resources. At WIA, Inc., we enjoy an in-house legal department that is well versed in insurance law, contracts, regulatory compliance and employee benefits law. Our attorneys train employers across the U.S. in risk management techniques and compliance audits. In addition to our in-house legal staff, WIA also has developed a strategic relationship with the law firm of Bushnell & Drye, LLC to provide expanded services for our key client accounts and relationships.

Consumers & Employers

At WIA, Inc., our main focus is centered around individual and group clients. With a full-service product offering and dedication to customer service, it is easy to see why WIA is the best choice for your benefits.

Agents & Brokers

By always striving to be an education-oriented MGA, WIA offers the tools and resources needed to service your clients. By having a back-office that works with hundreds of carriers in all 50 states, we have the experience to keep you doing what you do best--helping your clients in the field.