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Spotlight: International Medical

As a traveler, did you know that most insurance does not provide protection once you leave your home country? Whether you are traveling short-term or long-term, for business or pleasure, protect yourself with International Medical coverage. For as little as $2 per day you can be protected against expenses incured by sickness and injury that otherwise would be paid out-of-pocket. International medical provides peace of mind for the savvy traveler--wherever your journey leads you. Enroll online in less than five minutes!

Consumers & Employers

At WIA, Inc., our main focus is centered around individual and group clients. With a full-service product offering and dedication to customer service, it is easy to see why WIA is the best choice for your benefits.

Agents & Brokers

By always striving to be an education-oriented MGA, WIA offers the tools and resources needed to service your clients. By having a back-office that works with hundreds of carriers in all 50 states, we have the experience to keep you doing what you do best--helping your clients in the field.