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Life Insurance

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If you wish to obtain quotes from one of our preferred carriers such as Genworth, Prudential or Mutual of Omaha, please contact the Life Department for immediate assistance by calling 800.578.2111 and selecting option 1.

Group Life

Commonly referred to as Essential Insurance, group life insurance is one of the most common employer provided benefits in America. However, outside of the workplace, life insurance is not nearly as common. This is especially true with younger people and those just starting families.

Without life insurance, everything an individual has worked for can be jeopardized by his, or her, death. A family's home, college plans for children, or a spouse's standard of living can all be threatened without an adequate financial plan funded by life insurance.

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Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

AD&D provides additional protection for your employees in the event of accidental bodily injury resulting in death or dismemberment.

In the event that your AD&D benefit is utilized, your benefits will be paid in the following manner:

  • Benefits resulting from an accidental death are paid to the employee's beneficiary.
  • Benefits resulting from a dismembering injury are paid directly to the employee.

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