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Long Term Care

LTCcompass is the Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) division of World Insurance Association, Inc. (WIA).

The Long Term Care Insurance Industry is constantly changing. LTCcompass is devoted to the education of our future clients-, which we believe is the first step in an analysis of the need for LTC.

First thought of as a tool for high net worth clients, long-term care insurance’s perception is changing from luxury to necessity. With the cost of healthcare on the rise, and the life expectancy of humans increasing, the need to plan for future care is critical at every age.

Most American’s work hard all their lives to save a nest egg for retirement. With the retirement age getting older, the baby-boom generation preparing for retirement, and the potential instability of social security, long term care is the future of health care.

As studies show, today’s elders are having to use their assets such as their homes and retirement funds to help support their or their loved ones medical care.

Declining health conditions are difficult enough on a person’s mental and physical health; do not let these sometimes unforeseeable circumstances take your family by storm; firmly establish your nest egg with long term care for you and your family.

Besides the obvious benefits of long-term care, the Federal Government is also increasing the benefits of purchasing long-term care for its citizens. Recognizing that the government can't pay the bill for long-term care, federal, (and a growing number of state tax codes) now offer tax incentives to encourage Americans to take personal responsibility for their future long-term care needs. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) included provisions for favorable tax treatment of qualified Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) contracts.

The first step in the long-term care exploration is education. Knowledge is power, so take control of your long term future today.

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