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Employee Benefit Consulting

Employee Benefit ConsultingThe employee benefits package offered by an employer to employees can significantly affect the hiring and retention process. In turn, these aspects also directly contribute to the bottom line with less turn-over and happier workers. It's understood that the more satisfied an employee is with their benefits package, the more loyal and productive a worker they will be. This is why it is critical for companies to work with an Employee Benefits Consultant firm.

Available as a fee-for-service, or most commonly as part of our comprehensive suite of services, WIA, Inc.'s Employee Benefit Consultants enable organizations to develop, organize and implement the benefits planning that they offer their employees. As an organization licensed to operate in all 50 U.S. states, WIA, Inc. leverages home office resources such as attorneys, CPAs, employee benefits specialists, underwriters, and experienced account managers to work directly with employers. WIA, Inc. supports thousands of agents and financial advisors across the U.S. to develop short, medium and long-term employee benefit strategies.

Our ultimate goal and measure of success is demonstrated when employers are able to reduce stress as we remove the difficulty in choosing the optimum employee benefit plan to suit everyone’s needs involved.