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Although stated on page two of the United States passport, most consumers are unaware their medical coverage stops at the U.S. border. This leaves travelers vulnerable to 100% out-of-pocket medical expenses while traveling abroad. Due to the obvious need of constant medical coverage, the International Medical product was created. International Medical allows for consumers to travel with the peace of mind knowing they are protected. For as little as $2.00 per day, coverage is available for each individual traveler. Online enrollment is available in less than five minutes and coverage begins immediately upon enrollment.

What it Covers

  • Convenient 800# dedicated for information 24/7
  • Access to any doctor or hospital outside of U.S.
  • Coverage for new accidents & sicknesses
  • Covers expenses for hospital room and board
  • Covers cost of new prescriptions
  • Emergency medical evacuation

Carpe Diem!

With coverage in place, the savvy traveler is free to enjoy a journey abroad-- wherever it may lead. Click here to enroll online in less than five minutes.

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