Supplemental Coverage


Supplemental coverage pays benefits directly to your employees. Coverage is voluntary, which means your benefit package is strengthened with products at group rates with no additional cost to your budget.

Benefit consultants have long praised the need for coverage associated with certain catastrophic diseases or illnesses. Cancer, Heart, and Intensive Care are the leading coverages that employees want and need.

Consider the Facts

More than eighty-eight million Americans of the current population will suffer from cancer in their lifetime. Cancer will affect one out of every three Americans, and three out of every four families. Despite this, heart attack is still the leading cause of death among American men and women with stroke being the leading cause of disability.

Voluntary Coverage

Voluntary coverage is designed to help you with the following aspects of your life:

  • Loss of Income incurred if you or your spouse are unable to work or are required to take care for a family member.
  • Basic Living Expenses which include house or rent payments, automobile payments, basic utilities such as telephone, gas and electric, and groceries.
  • Direct Insurance Costs due to benefit limitations, co-payments or deductibles.
  • Special Needs and Expenses such as transportation or hotel bills for family members, special diets, and childcare.

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