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Spotlight: Long-Term Care Planning

First thought of as a tool for high net worth clients, long-term care insurance’s perception is changing from luxury to necessity. With the cost of healthcare on the rise, and the life expectancy of humans increasing, the need to plan for future care is critical at every age. LTCcompass, a division of WIA, Inc., is devoted entirely to aiding client's with long-term care planning. Proudly serving as a national trainer for the CLTC designation for long-term care professionals, LTCcompass trains agents across the county to better understand long-term care and the importance of long-term care education. LTCcompass has the knowledge to educate individual or group clients on the benefits of long-term care planning and implementation.

Consumers & Employers

At WIA, Inc., our main focus is centered around individual and group clients. With a full-service product offering and dedication to customer service, it is easy to see why WIA is the best choice for your benefits.

Agents & Brokers

By always striving to be an education-oriented MGA, WIA offers the tools and resources needed to service your clients. By having a back-office that works with hundreds of carriers in all 50 states, we have the experience to keep you doing what you do best--helping your clients in the field.