Strategic Partnerships

WIA, Inc. chooses to strategically align with other respected companies for the benefit of our clients and growth opportunities. See our chosen strategic partners below.

Chosen because of their decades of experience in the legal field and reputation, WIA, Inc. has partnered with the law firm of Bushnell & Drye to bring synergy to their clients.

WIA, Inc. has partnered with the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc. (CLTC). Created to teach students how to help solve a client's long-term care needs, CLTC is the nation's only third-party professional designation for long-term care certification. You are invited to visit the CLTC website.


The hundreds of carriers WIA, Inc. chooses to represent are carefully chosen and meet an annual standards review. WIA, Inc. believes having a large offering of qualified carriers to select from enables us to bring our clients the most complete coverage for the most competitive price. Listed below are just a few of the carriers WIA, Inc. has chosen to represent and to bring quality coverage to our clients.