Let’s be clear. We’re an Insurance Agency staffed with Brokers and Consultants. We help you select, manage and navigate the vast array of choices that exist in the world of insurance. But even more important than that, we want to make meaningful connections with the people we partner with.  

So, rather than discuss awards or accolades, our years of marketing experience or state-of-the-art office space, we want to show you how partnering with a strategic agency will build the foundation for your business that allows you to focus on your core business needs.



Everyone wants great Customer Service and in our industry, it is common to hear that Insurance brokers offer great customer service. However, it is less common for brokers to show you how they can prove it.


In-house resources allow us to serve you, our client, in a fast, efficient and timely manner. Whether it is a walk down the hall to a subject matter expert or a design session with our on-demand marketing professionals, we move at the Speed of Business.


  • 1962

    It Begins

    Wayne Drye (Chairman) sells his first policy with Combined Insurance Company of America.

  • 1992

    WIA Formed

    World Insurance Association, Inc (WIA) formed to serve independent agents in all 50 US states.

  • 1995

    First Division Created

    Educator Resources is created to serve private Christian schools & churches. We started serving school associations in SC, AL, NC and expanded to serving over 40+ national, regional or state associations in all 50 US states. WIA designed and created a new distribution channel for first private labeled special risk product called Student Accident.

  • 1997

    International Medical

    WIA expanded internationally with our second divisions entitled 911 Abroad and Serving Abroad. Today they are known as Travelers Ally and Mission Safe and they specialize in international medical insurance, special risks, and crisis management. 

  • 2003


    In response to the rising costs of healthcare, and the life expectancy increasing, we recognized the need for Long-Term Care Solutions.  It was in 2003 that LTCcompass was born so that we could prepare clients in the event they may face a catastrophic, life-changing event that might leave them in need of specialized healthcare.  We support large and small brokerages across the United States.

  • 2005


    Consulting Division formed to serve mid to large employers across the United States with call center, technology and on-site enrollments.  In 2016, the WeEnroll division was rebranded to World Insurance Association Consulting Group, LLC (WIACG) and spun off as a sister company.  WIACG is currently located in Suwanee, Georgia.

  • 2009

    Campus Benefits

    Until 2009, our primary school client focus was with private schools.  Public school and municipality division of WIA was formed in 2009 lead by Steven Johnson.  Though we’ve always aligned ourselves with School Systems in the Southeast, it was in 2014 that we realized there was great need to spin off Campus Benefits, LLC to serve as a top notch brokerage/compliance firm to specifically support those in the Public School arena.

  • 2012

    Legal Division

    The in-house attorneys of WIA provide first seminar on healthcare reform (P.P.A.C.A – “Obamacare”) leading to over 100+ sessions and educating HR, Finance, and leadership of companies representing 9,000,000+ employees nationwide.

  • 2015

    MedCareComplete, LLC

    In the world of insurance, we want people to be healthy and happy so that our businesses can control increasing healthcare costs.  In 2015, we aligned ourselves with MedCareComplete, LLC which is a bundle of services employers can provide to their employees that can help control those costs.  MCC offers many services that your employees can’t use enough. Driving utilization to these programs helps keep your healthcare costs contained and your employees focused on the job you hired them to do.

  • 2016

    Happiness Score Introduced

    It’s more than just quality insurance, it’s about relationships with people. In order to stand out and prove our customer service, we knew that we wanted to make every customer interaction more helpful and human. In 2016 we implemented a “Big Data” platform that allows us to measure team performance, spot trends to prevent ongoing issues and monitor customer happiness. Now we can provide select group clients with a happiness score determined by your feedback on our interactions.  

  • 2018

    Quantum IQ, LLC

    In 2018 we looked beyond our inhouse legal firm, tv and video recording studio and devoted resources towards “where the client demand is going.” Our team of developers and markets embarked on creating client centric software platforms to serve our client bases. MissionsIQ and The Givedot Program rolled out in BETA production to serve our non-profit clientele.

  • Today

    A New Partnership With You